[templatic_accordion] [accordion title=”What is Sandhills Guide Online?”] Sandhills Guide Online is the only complete online directory for Moore County, NC.

Sandhills Guide is the local authority directory website that provides every Moore County business owner with a free mobile-friendly and search-optimized business listing.

Sandhills Guide lists every product and service available, and includes shopping centers, museums, parks, churches and schools.

Coming soon, we’ll be adding listings for all events and activities. Most importantly, Sandhills Guide is optimized for all mobile devices to allow the millions of location based searches made by residents and visitors on their smartphones and tablets to find relevant, location-based solutions and information. If it’s in Moore County, it will be on Sandhills Guide! [/accordion] [accordion title=”Who uses Sandhills Guide?”] 90,000 residents and over a million visitors have unrestricted access to the directory which is accessible from the web via any computer, tablet or smart phone.

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the #1 access device to the Internet. Sandhills Guide leverages this meteoric rise by affordably presenting your information in the mobile-friendly format now critical to the success of your business. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Is Sandhills Guide is an “App”?”] No. Applications must be downloaded by the consumer and then activated for every use.

Sandhills Guide is a local authority website indexed by search engines. This is a WIN-WIN; your business benefits from both a search engine optimized listing AND from the link back to YOUR website. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Why should I add my business to the directory?”] Here the Top 5 benefits:

1. The #1 action you can take to boost the search ranking of your primary website is to obtain strong local links form authority sites.

2. Your listing in Sandhills Guide is like having a stand-alone “mini website” that describes your products or services, and that features images, click to call, Google map pinpoint with click for directions, and MOST importantly, a one-way link to your website.

3. Google maintains different search indices for mobile sites. Your listing presents an opportunity to have your business in Google’s mobile index.

4. Your listing will benefit from our ongoing SEO and social media promotional efforts. Plus our local advertising, promotion and sponsorships.

5. You CANNOT find a better promotional opportunity or one that will deliver such exceptional return on your investment at any of the four service levels. [/accordion] [accordion title=”If you advertise offline, you must have a mobile-ready website?”] 66% of Americans have performed a search on their mobile after seeing or hearing an offline ad (newspaper, radio, television, magazines, etc.). When they see or hear your ad, they then search on their phone or tablet for more information. Dynamic QR Code

QR codes are popping up everywhere. Smartphone users know what that funny looking image is; it is called a QR code.

When scanned by a mobile device, it directs the user to a website. Go ahead, scan it. This particular QR code will take you to Sandhills Guide.

Local Search drives your business “Local Search” and mobile are two of Google’s top priorities. Sandhills Guide maximizes both. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Will the Sandhills Guide send me more customers?”] Guaranteeing traffic numbers is impossible, but here are 3 ways you surely will benefit:

1. If you have a website, your listing’s local link will drive people to your primary website.

2. Search engines index (and follow) these links. That raises the search ranking of your website.

3. If you don’t have a website, your listing performs like a “mini website” on steroids.

Your business finally will be “in the game” and found by Local Search. [/accordion] [/templatic_accordion]