Why Advertise

Advertising is not enough; today we must market effectively online!

Why list your business in the Sandhills Guide?

Because you do business here in the Sandhills!


  • 94% of smartphone users search for local information
  • 66% access the internet at least once daily from their smartphone
  • You have a limited ad budget
  • You don’t have time to play the social media game
  • You are tired of empty promises by advertising sales people

You spend a lot of time creating your advertising messages, and a lot of money on ad campaigns. It is a fact of life that people don’t read the newspaper like they used to or use the Yellow Pages anymore; they find everything they need on their smartphones or Tablet PCs. The Sandhills Guide Online can help you capture those searches. Read on to discover all the details…

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TOP 10 Reasons why the Sandhills Guide is so valuable for your marketing efforts

  1. It’s like having an additional stand-alone, mobile-friendly mini website for your business
  2. 100% Search Engine Optimized
  3. Hyper-Local to the Sandhills/Moore County NC area (unlike other resources like Yelp or FourSquare, etc)
  4. You can features photos and videos in your business listing
  5. Include links to all your social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  6. A Google map provides directions to your location
  7. Your personal Control Panel – login anytime and update your listing, add coupons, special deals
  8. Heavily promoted on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and other online and offline resources
  9. Promoted in local print advertising
  10. In 2013, more people bought a smartphones than a PC

Mobile is the new Internet access device

iPhone and iPadThe benefits are HUGE! Unlike an ad in conventional print media (a one-shot deal), your listing in the Sandhills Guide Online works for you 24x7x365. Plus, your link from the Sandhills Guide Online can actually help your main website rank higher in search results. The single biggest thing you can do to grow your brick and mortar business is to increase traffic to your website and make it perform better in search. Your future customers will check you out online first ~ BEFORE ~ they consider visiting your store. That’s where we can help!

Drive people to your business and/or to your website.

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You want more ready-to-buy customers

You already have a local customer base and like the rest of us, you are always trying to attract new business. Millions of visitors and hundreds of thousands of people in Moore County shop and do business in the Sandhills – and they are using their smartphones more than ever. We can help you attract more ready-to-buy customers!

  • EXTREMELY IDynamic QR CodeMPORTANT, if you advertise offline, be aware that 66% of Americans have performed a search on their mobile after seeing or hearing an offline ad (newspaper, radio, television, magazines, etc.).
  • Usage of QR Codes is increasing daily. You’re seeing them everywhere; newspaper ads, in magazines, outdoor billboards, brochures, business cards and virtually all print media are using ‘QR Codes’.
  • Do it for the link! Strong ‘LOCAL’ backlinks pointing to your primary website are one of the best things you can do to boost your site in search results. Over time, it can mean the difference between being on page one of Google or page 120 – and NOBODY goes past page one.

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The Sandhills of NC/Moore County has:

  • Over 1.17 million visitors/year (2013)
  • 88,247 locals (2013)
  • Visitors to Moore County annually spend more than $392 million/year.

What exactly is the Sandhills Guide?

The Sandhills Guide Online is a smartphone-optimized digital directory for all businesses in the Sandhills/Moore County NC– and especially those who cater to the millions of visitors we see every year. The Sandhills Guide may well become one of your best sources of new business!

Smartphones and Tablet PCs are the new Internet access devices (that will soon surpass desktops and laptops) and your customers are searching for your products and services. And those millions of visitors… they are not dragging their laptops with them when they visit the Sandhills; they carry their smartphones.Yellow pages

The Sandhills Guide is not advertising…..

Advertising and promotion are necessary to build your brand and create top-of-mind awareness, but today the world revolves around search. The Sandhills Guide is about “Search Marketing”. If you want to capture people’s attention you must be positioned better than your competitors in search results. The Sandhills Guide is a tactical online marketing campaign for 2015 and beyond.

The problem with advertising is that you pay for a one-shot advertising campaign and who reads a two-day old newspaper? Whereas your Sandhills Guide listing works for you 24 x 7 x 365.

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Not sure how to get started? We can help you……

You’re busy, and you’re not an SEO expert – the Team at Sandhills Guide will do it for you. We will create and optimize your listing for $35.00  …FREE!*

The Sandhills Guide wants to maximize our growth. The faster we grow, the better we perform in search results – and that benefits you!

We will create your listing for you, optimize it for search and add the information that mobile visitors want to see – for a one-time fee of only $35.00 …FREE.*.  All you need to do is open an account and add a few bits of information, or…

Your Sandhills Guide listing is an essential piece of your marketing mix. The Sandhills Guide is an “authority website“, meaning that search engines place value on our links pointing to other sites (your listing).

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